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Create efficiency and save costs

Out-tasking of simple IT processes enables a more strategic deployment of your IT resources. REMANn's technical staff and project management team are at-the-ready to implement anything from ad-hoc activities to projects with the scope and scale you require. Our Client Support team will help you design out-tasking programs to reduce cost, increase security, decrease process variations, improve service levels and increase asset utilization.

What you get?

– Synergy between services that creates efficiency and saves costs
– Consolidation of work processes and communication
– Supports sustainability initiatives

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REMANn’s Service

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REMANn offers an integrated solution called “REMANn ITAD Flow” which is an IT asset management one stop service. We support client’s cost reduction by integrating all services such as collection, transportation, inspection, secure deletion, rearrangement, relocation, sales, recycling and disposal.


Disuse PC Donation Campaign

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Although it is getting better, there are still a lot of people suffering from income inequality due to the digital divide problem. Over the past 8 years, REMANn has been refurbishing and distributing more than 10,000 computers as a company carrying out Green PC of Love.

We turned our attention from Korea to Vietnam. Vietnam is rapidly growing but a dark side exists. The vulnerable social group in Vietnam are isolated from information that we can easily find on the internet.

This worsened the wage differences because of the information gap made it difficult for the vulnerable people to find a decent job.

This is happening not only in Vietnam, but also in many other developing countries. REMANn feels that there’s still a long way to go. If the Friend Re-PC campaign in Vietnam shows successful result, we will expand it to Cambodia, Laos and other developing countries.