IT ASSET Value Recovery

Improving value by the most profitable way to your company.

We work with our clients to construct a solution that optimizes the value of all assets.
Our Asset Recovery services are designed to meet the objectives of all stakeholders and keep the highest security, environmental and ethical standards.
We provide reliability and efficiency by automating complex decision-making, standardizing processes.
– Efficiently utilize limited resources of the enterprise
– Provide customized ITAD service according to the size of the company

Most organizations will periodically replace their IT Assets if they are outdated or have problems.

However, replacing isn't necessary to some businesses.
Therefore, clients can reduce costs by rearranging existing IT Assets and redeploying them to the required departments or sites in their organizations.
Use ‘Refurbish & Redeployment service’ through REMANn to minimize the upgrade cost by reusing serviceable parts.

REMANn, has partnered with Microsoft to distribute computers and licensed software to charities.

We are also taking the lead in protecting the environment by preventing the waste of IT assets.

IT Asset Refurbish Process

* Install “licensed Windows (OS) for used PCs” provided by Microsoft

REMANn offers a comprehensive and security conscious collection service, which can be customized for the needs of each individual client.

We can provide the manpower and expertise to quickly, safely, and efficiently remove, collect, and pack all of your existing computers, workstations, and network equipment without any interruption to your business.

① Buyback: If your IT asset still has a value, REMANn provides Buyback service. We buy your used IT asset.
② Refurbish: Clients can choose to refurbish their used PCs and decide what to do with them. (ex. Donation)
③ Redeployment: Refurbished PCs can be redeployed to your workplace for your convenience.