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The outstanding development in technology makes our lives more convenient, production activities also develop faster, but at the same time, the volume of e-waste also increases steadily every year. Before recycling materials, we need to have a responsible treatment method for maximum reuse, avoiding direct discharge into the environment.

The life cycle of a computer is usually about 3-5 years, when the value is still there, the device is discarded. Meanwhile, many disadvantaged groups in society still have limited access to IT. The digital gap in many places is still very large.

With a mission to give new meaning to used computers, in 2008, my co-idealists and I founded REMANn in Korea, specialized in IT asset disposition (ITAD). With REMANn's services, we protect the environment through the circulation of natural resources and contribute to narrowing the digital gap.

In 2017, after surveys on the needs and shortcomings of "digital gap" in Vietnam, REMANn decided to establish REMANn Co. Ltd in Vietnam. Along with providing ITAD services, REMANn's team of experts has been working to come up with integrated, specialized solutions to support businesses and organizations to build and operate IT infrastructure optimally.

We look forward to supporting your business/organization to both develop its business and act responsibly towards the community and the future.






Remann Joint Stock Company is a subsidiary of Korean REMANn Joint Stock Company. We are proud to be the first and number 1 company in Korea to provide after-use IT equipment disposal (ITAD) service.

REMANn Co. Ltd. was established in Vietnam from December 2017, with 100% invest capital from Korea, is a member of REMANn Incorporated (Korea).

Business field: Information Technologies.

Providing IT assets disposition (ITAD) services, solutions for IT hardware and software as well as wholesales and retails of IT equipment.

Besides business activities, REMANn also implement many CSR projects providing IT equipment & training courses to people with difficulties in the society in order to bridge the Digital Divide.



- Establishment Ideology: For the co-existence of both environment and human, we want to create a better world without thoughtless disposal.

- Eco Social Innovator:

  • Service: Explore the value of disposed IT devices and spread to the world.

  • Implementation Process: Gaining and developing expertise and creativity to provide secure ITAD services.

  • Implementor: Make the best community connected with trust

To REMANn, the process of maximizing used IT devices' value is wonderful and we always endeavour to make our world better.

Our company’s purpose is to create a world without waste to preserve our planet. Sustainability is a key consideration in all our services and operations.

All areas of our operations are being reassessed. Energy efficiency projects and upgrades are being prioritized and alternative fuels are being explored. We are seeking to maximize emissions savings through reimagining logistics solutions, reducing waste, electrification of equipment and vehicle, staff training and equipment upgrades.



  • 02/2009: Partner with the Happiness Sharing Fund and Volunteering NGO Copion to provide refurbished computers for underdeveloped countries
  • 09/2010: Donate recycled computers to Kinshasa National University and Lubumbashi University in the Republic of Congo under the sponsorship of Hanyang University
  • 11/2014: Donate recycled computers to the “Heart Sharing PC Donation” event under the sponsorship of KB Kookmin Card
  • 11/2015: Donate equipments and support IT education for Indonesia Jakarta Dream Center, within the framework of the cooperation project to support the Indonesian Street Youth Vocational Training Program


  • 11/2009: Cooperate with Korea Labor Welfare Center to donate old PCs
  • 12/2009: Provide used computers to the Happiness Sharing Fund
  • 02/2010: Conduct campaign with the Small and Medium Business Technology Innovation Association (INNOBIZ) to give away old PCs
  • 07/2011: Carry out project directed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government to donate old computers to underdeveloped countries
  • 05/2013: Support the establishment of a non-profit IT center
  • 08/2015: Recycle old computers from Shinhan bank then donate to Community Centers


  • 12/2017: Chosen by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) as a partner to implement the IBS project - Project to bridge the digital divide for Vietnamese people
  • 06/2018: Collaborate with KOICA to award scholarships for IT auditing training courses to students of the University of Economics and Law (National University of Ho Chi Minh City) and the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City
  • 08/2018: Donate computers to the Will to Live Center with the sponsorship of KOICA
  • 09/2018: Cooperate with KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) in the organization of a course to improve information technology knowledge for students of the Information Technology Institute of Technology (HUST)
  • 07/2019: Donate computers and give information technology training to TYM members within the framework of the program "Empowering Vietnamese businesswomen through information technology" in collaboration with KOICA
  • 09/2019: Collaborate with Hai Duong Department of Information and Communications to organize a workshop on initiatives to bridge the digital divide (Hai Duong)
  • 02/2021: Visit and donate computers to Hanoi Association of Persons with Disabilities
  • 08/2022: Complete and launch Smart Edu Hub Inno Space at Bach Khoa Technology Apprentice (BKACAD - Hanoi)
  • 09/2022: Implement the project of Establishing Smart Edu Hub at Thai Nguyen University
  • 11/2022: Cooperate in implementing the project of Establishing Smart Edu Hub at Sao Do University
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