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CEO greetings

The outstanding development in technology makes our lives more convenient, production activities also develop faster, but at the same time, the volume of e-waste also increases steadily every year. Before recycling materials, we need to have a responsible treatment method for maximum reuse, avoiding direct discharge into the environment.

The life cycle of a computer is usually about 3-5 years, when the value is still there, the device is discarded. Meanwhile, many disadvantaged groups in society still have limited access to IT. The digital gap in many places is still very large.

With a mission to give new meaning to used computers, in 2008, my co-idealists and I founded REMANn in Korea, specialized in IT asset disposition (ITAD). With REMANn's services, we protect the environment through the circulation of natural resources and contribute to narrowing the digital gap.

In 2017, after surveys on the needs and shortcomings of "digital gap" in Vietnam, REMANn decided to establish REMANn Co. Ltd in Vietnam. Along with providing ITAD services, REMANn's team of experts has been working to come up with integrated, specialized solutions to support businesses and organizations to build and operate IT infrastructure optimally.

We look forward to supporting your business/organization to both develop its business and act responsibly towards the community and the future.





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