REMANn provides Refurbishment service to maximize the value of old IT equipment with the following specific steps:

Initial check: Classify, check the original condition of the device.

Sanitation: The exterior of the used computer is cleaned. Stickers, marks, and dust particles are removed using special chemicals.

Data wipe: All refurbished computers have the data wiped from the hardware completely. This prevents sensitive information from being passed on to the next owner. Data wiping is much different than restoring the computer to its original factory setting. Never purchase a refurbished computer that hasn't been professionally wiped.

Repairs, Replacement, and Reassembly: Not all used computers need repair or replacement. However, if the computer has been damaged before or is missing some parts, REMANn’s operation team will deal with these issues during the refurbishment process. We then reassemble the computer parts as they were disassembled to check the initial condition.

Installation of operating system and computer configuration: REMANn is currently the authorized Microsoft partner to install the operating system and genuine software (Microsoft Authorized Refurbished).

Quality and packaging checks: Before delivering to the customer, REMANn's operation team will conduct thorough quality checks to ensure that refurbished computers are restored to the "new" condition as original; then we will carry out packaging and labeling as required.