Why needs data destruction?

PC’s, servers and mobile equipment used in the companies or public institutions may contain lots of sensitive information. Therefore, information recorded in storage medium should be erased safely before discarding information equipment.


How to

How to dispose of the data storage medium is divided into seven easing the physical destruction of data.





Physical Destruction


Drilling of storage medium and destruction of inner part

Fast working speed


Making it unusable by removing magnetization function


Handling by Software

Data Erasing

Complete erasing of data in the disk using software

Reusable storage medium (Increase of selling price)


  • Onsite : We can serve the data destruction service on your site as required
  • REMANn’s secure facility : If there is not enough room in your site, please use our facility


  • ISO 27001 : Information Security Management
  • ISO 14001 : Environmental Management
  • We use the latest Blancco Certified Erasing Solution