IT Asset Recycling
REMANn focuses on reuse of IT equipment in principle.
However, in case that reuse is not possible due to several reasons, we recycle them according to the legal procedure. For example, if repair cost is too much, if it is defective and not safe, or if it is not used any more due to new technology, we recycle them under qualified process.

The advantages to your business
- Legal Disposal: Arbitrary burying or burning of electronic products is prohibited by law.
REMANn and downstreamers owns recycling license and recycles electronic products according to the legalized procedure.
- Environmental Value: Partial elements of electronic products can be reused. In order to raise physical recycling rate, we sort out by separating relevant constitutional elements physically.
- Information Protection: Most of IT equipment may have medium that stores important information of customer. REMANn protects important information of customer by disposing storage medium that is installed in major equipment safely.

REMANn and downstreamers owns recycling license for general waste. In addition, REMANN has gained ISO 14001 for quality management. As a registered company of the Allbaro comprehensive waste management system of Korea Environment Corporation, we are committed to disposing of IT equipment in accordance with the law.